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What is an ADHD Asessment?


What is an ADHD Assessment? 
 Evaluating someone for ADHD tends to take four to six clinical hours and includes the following:
  • Completion of symptom/behavior rating scales and checklists by the person being evaluated, as well as by a parent in the case of a child/adolescent or partner or friend in the case of an adult.  In the case of an adolescent or child, a teacher who knows the student well will also be asked to complete a form and school records (report cards, teacher comments, IEP plans, achievement tests scores) will be needed.
  • A detailed history will be taken with special attention to the person’s individual experience of the symptoms suggestive of ADHD. Typically, I will go over the symptom checklists with the person being evaluated.  If necessary, I will administer a computerized test of attention called the TOVA. 
  • Since ADHD occurs by itself in a third or fewer of all cases, it is absolutely critical that the presence of any additional or complicating conditions be determined.  Typical complicating factors include anxiety, depression, substance abuse etc.   To do this I routinelyuse  a personality test and/or questions regarding these potential issues. 
  • An evaluation meeting stating the assessment’s results, including: a conclusion regarding the diagnosis of an Attention Disorder, the approximate degree of severity, areas of impairment, identification of co-occurring disorders or diagnoses, if present, and a set of recommendations or treatment plan.
  • I also provide a one to two page written summary of these findings that can be used with schools, prescribing physicians and employers.
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