Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Welcome - I have two distinct areas of specialization:

First, treating issues of PTSD, anxiety, depression and life dissatisfaction from a Depth Pscyhotherapy perspective. Depth Psychotherapy draws equally from the Psychology of the Unconscious (Jungian theory), 30 years of treating the effects of Trauma, Cognitive Restructuring (CBT), Imagery work, Voice Dialogue, Neuropsychology and Insight Meditation (Buddhist Vipassana.)

Second, I assess and treat Adult ADHD (or "ADD") from my own experience of having it  and twenty years of treating it.  I am fluent in ADDspeak! and have hit most of the potholes out there (and bounced back out)!  My services include full diagnositic work-up, treatment or coaching for areas of difficulty, help with facilitating referrals for medication, interfacing with schools, employers, primary care doctors and family members.

My approach is collaborative, personal, grounded and humorous (hopefully).  I don't use a lot of jargon or sit silently.  I'm proactive and share what I believe works.  As a person, I must say that I am constantly in awe of the resiliency of the human spirit and find that most people, with a helping hand, can overcome almost anything.  This explains why I do what I do.

I also have a service dog in my office who doubles as a relaxation trainer dog.  His name is Finney and he was rescued from a slaughterhouse in China. (If you would like to know more about rescuing dogs in China watch   He certainly has PTSD and has a lot to teach us about moving through hardships.

    Please note:  I am not an in-network provider with Cigna , Aetna and United Healthcare, and their numerous sub-entities.  They will reimburse me, but at the out-of-network rate.  You should review your benefit and deductible for out-of-network services before contacting me.   

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